[SALE] Banu - Chair Back Support (1+1)

$129.00 $109.00
Color :
Black + Red (사은품 증정)
Black + Black (사은품 증정)
Red + Red (사은품 증정)

•  100세 시대! 허리 건강 백세까지! 원조 바른 엔젤 체어 시즌 2
•  2020년 대한민국 베스트 신상품 선정!
•  고탄성 지렛대 원리로 특허받은 기능성 의자!
•  골반부터 허리까지 큰체형도 가능한 와이드 인체 공학적 디자인!
•  형상 변형 방지 9개 프레임을 통하여 휘어짐을 잡아주어 허리를 더욱더 단단하게 받혀줌.
•  강력한 복원력 프레임으로 382KG 압축 하중 테스트 완료!
•  척추부분 지압 효과를 위한 6개의 돌기!
•  남녀노소, 직장, 집, 차, 학교 언제 어디서나 온 가족 허리 건강을 위한 최고의 솔루션!

Experience unparalleled comfort and support with our Ergonomic Chair Back Support, expertly designed to provide superior lumbar support and posture correction. Ideal for office workers, gamers, drivers, or anyone who spends extended periods of time sitting, this back support offers the perfect solution for alleviating discomfort and promoting a healthy posture. 

• Living to 100 years old!
Sustain your spinal health till a century! Introducing the Upright Angel Chair Season 2.

• Awarded South Korea's Best New Product in 2020!

• Chair designed with a patented high-elasticity lever principle!

• Wide ergonomic design accommodating from the pelvis to the waist, even for larger builds!

• 9 frames designed to prevent warping, ensuring reinforced support for the back.

• Tested for durability with a robust resilience frame, bearing up to 382KG!

• Features 6 spikes tailored for spinal pressure relief!

• The optimal solution for spinal health for everyone—young or old, at work, home, in the car, or school. Perfect for the entire family, anywhere and anytime!

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