[SALE] Ecoramic Pebble Cast Iron Pot 4PCS

$159.00 $119.00

• 자연에서 찾은 조약돌의 감성
• 열효율이 뛰어난 통주물 바디 
• 세척이 편한 내외장재 세라믹 코팅
• 하이돔 강화유리 뚜껑
• 다양한 규격으로 편수부터 곰탕까지

* 본 제품은 인덕션에서 사용불가 제품입니다. 

• Inspired by the sensibility of pebbles found in nature.

• Highly heat-efficient cast iron body.

• Easy-to-clean ceramic coating on both the interior and exterior.

• Hi-Dome strengthened glass lid.

• Available in various sizes, suitable for everything from stews to bone broths.

*This product is not suitable for use on induction cooktops.

[SALE] Ecoramic Pebble Cast Iron Pot 4PCS
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