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[DR.ESTHER] Glutathione Direct Film 5X

[DR.ESTHER] Glutathione Direct Film 5X

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1. Improves liver indicators in patients with fatty liver disease
2. Improves insulin resistance
3. Reduces skin wrinkles and improve elasticity
4. Protects brain nerves
5. Skin whitening
6. Anti-aging

Net Contents:

9.75g (325mg x 30 sheets)

Intake method:

Take 1 or 2 film once a day. Stick the film at the roof or inner side of cheek in the mouth

 - Attachment of mucous membranes through oral dissolution film
- Purity and origin are also important, 75% Dutch glutathione
- From vitamin C to milk thistle
- Clean and safe, daily mouth film habits

✔ Brand: Esther Formula (Korea)

✔ Type: Dietary supplements

✔ Intake method: Chew 1 packet of pomegranate taste jelly once a day

Ingredients: L-glutachion yeast extract 30.77% (Dutch), fullerene, vitamin C, lemon juice powder [dextrin, lemon juice (100%; American), arabic gum, citric acid, admixture (jujeong, purified water, natural flavoring), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, enzyme-treated stevia, milkseed extract (American), natural extract (Clorine), vitamin E, vitamin E

Recommended target
- Those looking for foods that promote liver health and antioxidative effects.

- Those seeking skin whitening through antioxidative effects.
- Those desiring a brighter skin tone by addressing freckles or pigmentations.
- Those searching for glutathione products with increased absorption in film form instead of capsules.

Glutathione Direct Film 5X

Glutathione Direct Film 5X

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