Seedbee Vegan Hair Coloring with Water (2pack-40)

Color :
Dark Brown
Medium Brown

김혜수, 허수경이 선택한 비건 물염색! 


• 감동과 극찬의 사용후기!

• 누적리뷰 12,000여개 / 홈쇼핑 3사 판매 1위

• 1,500만개 판매 돌파!

• 두피에는 순하게, 새치에는 강력하게!

• 물이라서 가능한 건강한 새치케어 - 100% 물만 섞어 모발 손상 두피 자극 최소화!

• 두피 케어 성분 비오틴 추가

• 13가지 인체(외) 적용시험

• 쫀쫀한 제형, 진해진 라벤더 향 

• 까다로운 비건 기준 100% 충족! (VEGAN)


Overwhelmingly positive reviews that touch the heart!

• Over 12,000 accumulated reviews / Ranked 1st in sales across the top 3 home shopping networks.

• Surpassed 15 million in sales!

• Gentle on the scalp, powerful on gray hairs!

• Healthy gray hair care made possible by water - mix with 100% water to minimize hair damage and scalp irritation!

• Scalp care formula enhanced with biotin.

• 13 different human (external) application tests.

• Thick texture, rich lavender scent.

• Fully meets the rigorous vegan standards! (VEGAN)




Seedbee Vegan Hair Coloring with Water (2pack-40)
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