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[DR. ESTHER] Elastin Collagen Synergy Film Collagen

[DR. ESTHER] Elastin Collagen Synergy Film Collagen

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[Dr. ESTHER ELASTIN & COLLAGEN FILM] Korean whitening / skin whitening film / effective wrinkles reduction / wrinkle remover 

Product Description

✔ Effect: Moisturizing, whitening skin / wrinkles fade

✔ Brand: Esther Formula (Korea)

✔ Type: Health functional food

✔ Intake method: Take 1 or 2 film once a day. Stick film at the roof or inner side of cheek in the mouth  / Per box: 9.6g (320mg × 30 films)

✔ Ingredients: Pullulan, GT collagen (domestic production) 15.47%, elastin (hydrolyzate elastin, hydrous citric acid, synthetic fragrance), modified starch, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, blueberry concentrate 3.09% (US product, solid content 67%), glycerin, konjac Potato extract powder (konjac potato extract 30%, beta-cyclodextrin 70%), hyaluronic acid, β-cyclodextrin, synthetic flavor (blueberry flavor), hydrous citric acid, vitamin E mixture (dl-α-tocopheryl acetate, modified Starch, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide), polysorbate 80, aspartame (sweetener, containing phenylalanine), propylene glycol, carmine color [dextrin, carmine (colorant)]


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