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✔ Effect: Collagen synergy (Salmon DNA that matches human DNA with 95% to help all ingredients to synthesize)

Facial wrinkle, elasticity care

Prevents breast sagging

Improve ligament function

Reduce freckles and size of pores

✔ Content: 280g (20g x 14 packets, 210kcal)

✔ Brand: Esther Formula (Korea)

✔ Type: Dietary supplements

✔ Intake method: Chew 1 packet of pomegranate taste jelly once a day

✔ Ingredients: Purified water, red grape concentrate (Chile), fructooligosaccharide, low molecular weight fish collagen 300D (Vietnam), lemon concentrate (Israel), xylitol, enzyme-treated stevia-SG, mixed formulation 1 (xanthan gum, agar, carrageenan, locust) Soybean gum, tamarind gum, dextrin, tara gum), mixed agent 2 (fruit flavoring 2, triacetin, alcohol, synthetic flavoring, propylene glycol, glacial acetic acid), trisodium citrate, horse elastin LN, salmon milt extract DNA-NA , hyaluronic acid

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