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Banu Low-carb Rice Cooker

Banu Low-carb Rice Cooker

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  • 날씬한 저당밥 49% 당 함량율을 줄입니다.
  • 8가지 다양한 취사기능
  • 24분 쾌속백미
  • 다양한 취사기능
  • 24시간 예약 기능 (일부 제외)
  • 24시간 보온 기능
  • 분리 가능한 찜 트레이 탑재 / 쌀 위에 올리면 조리가능
  • 에너지소비 1등급
  • 미니 밥솥으로 캠핑용으로도 가능

Low-carb Rice Cooker

Reduce the sugar content by 49%.
- 8 different cooking functions.
- 24 Minute Rapid Grinding Rice
- Various cooking functions.
- 24-hour reservation function (with some exceptions)
- 24-hour keep warm function Equipped with a detachable steaming tray / Cookable by placing it on rice
- Consumption level 1
- Can also be used for camping with a mini rice cooker


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