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[SALE] Pureplan - Premium Neck Stretcher (Massage ball)

[SALE] Pureplan - Premium Neck Stretcher (Massage ball)

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- 바른자세를 위한 밀당넥

- 오랜시간 책상에 앉아있는 분, 나쁜자세가 습관이 된 분, 바른자세 교정을 원하시는 분에게 필요한 넥서포터

- 바른 목을 만들어주는 밀당 원리

- 턱을 밀어 고정시켜주고 목을 당겨 올바른 목을 유지

- 네오프랜 소재로 피부 자극없는 부드러운 착용감

  • Neck support for proper posture: "Mildang Neck".

  • Essential neck supporter for those who sit at a desk for long periods, have developed bad posture habits, or desire posture correction.

  • The "Mildang" principle that ensures a proper neck alignment.

  • Pushes the chin forward to secure it and pulls the neck to maintain the correct neck position.

  • Made of neoprene material for a comfortable wear without skin irritation.

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